Worth Your Time Weekly – 5/17/18


Welcome to Worth Your Time Weekly – May 17, 2018

Each week, I do a quick post with 3-5 links I come across (or were emailed to me by you!) that I think are worth your time.

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Here come the Links!

1. Mr. Adam Grossman’s comments on four “rules of thumb”

I’ve linked to Mr. Grossman before (and humbledollar.com is a frequent occurrence in these posts) and this is another good one.  It takes four “rules of thumb” and adds some nuance or things to think about that should expand your thinking beyond the “conventional wisdom”.  The four items: how much to save for retirement, how much life & disability insurance does one need, and stock/bond percentage.  Even if you’ve thought about these topics a fair amount – I think you’ll find something useful here.


2.  Interesting behavioral article on how to identify talent (hire people).

Hiring people is surprisingly difficult.  When I was in-charge of finding people for my pharmacy I found that either I had several good applicants for one position, or no decent applications for several open positions.  How to select the right people is difficult and this article lays out some good tips on how to do that, some examples including: identify the correct goal, try to avoid group think, and measure your results.



3.  New York Times article/commentary on the “MoviePass Economy”


Light article, but made some interesting points relating to the increasingly common Silicon Valley business plan of spend-spend-spend to create growth; all focused on potentially out-lasting competitors and thus consume the entire market.




That’s it for this week.  Did you run across an interesting link?  Do you find this type of content valuable?  Post below or feel free to email it to me.  I read every comment and email I receive.


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