Worth Your Time Weekly – 5/10/18

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Welcome to Worth Your Time Weekly – May 10, 2018

Each week, I do a quick post with 3-5 links I come across (or were emailed to me by you!) that I think are worth your time.

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Here come the Links!

1. How to prepare for Job Loss as a Pharmacist (or any professional, really)

I like to add some Pharmacist-specific flavor for my articles in this spot when I can and I found this article by Michael Crowe at pharmacytimes.com.  Dr. Crowe has some good ideas about keeping yourself engaged in professional groups to help you network, should the need arise.

I especially liked his recommendation about keeping your CV updated (rather than once every 5-10 years like most of us).  You’d be surprised how many projects you forget you accomplished or details about your successes you forget over time.  At least add the pertinent notes to your CV electronic document so you can update them at a later date.




2.  How to teach teens or young adults about money and loans?

I don’t have any children yet, but I will at some point.  I’ve started to think more about what might be effective for teaching teenagers (or younger adults) about loans and big purchases (e.g. new car loans or the biggest for many… Student Loans).  I thought this was a great article and had some actionable ways to improve this conversation.




3.  How to structure your life around your laziness

I view myself as an incredibly lazy person.  Like most people (I assume?), I tend toward the nearest available food and easiest exercise (often the easiest is: sit on the couch…).

I enjoyed Mr. Bailey’s article below about how to combat this and I’ve taken some of these ideas to heart.  If I have potato chips in the house, I will eat them.  If my favorite IPA is in the fridge, I will drink one.  While moderation in all things is paramount – I’ve found that if I limit the quantity or frequency I purchase these types of items, I’ll consume them less.

Spending a little less efficiently (e.g. buying one 20 ounce beer vs a “cheaper” 6 or 12pk of beer) may be “wasting” money, but I consume less calories/beer and feel better overall.  Same with the potato chips.

Mr. Bailey has some other good ideas in here too, so I definitely think it’s worth a read.





That’s it for this week.  Did you run across an interesting link?  Do you find this type of content valuable?  Post below or feel free to email it to me.  I read every comment and email I receive.


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