Worth Your Time Weekly – 4/5/18

Welcome to Worth Your Time Weekly – April 5, 2018

Each Thursday, I do a quick post with 3-5 links I come across (or were emailed to me by you!) that I think are worth your time.  Here are the links for this week (and don’t forget last week’s WYTW)!


1. Jonathan Clements talks about the “Tipping Point” for retirement saving

Saving for retirement is admittedly not very exciting.  Saving 15-20% of your income (even if your income is substantial) doesn’t move the needle much early on.  Mr. Clements writes about when we hit the point when the money starts to add up.  I really liked this article and think it provides strong motivation in those early years when the 401k/403b numbers don’t seem to be going up that fast.  As someone who recently passed 12 years making six-figures and saving – this article definitely rang true to me.




2. A news organization got a hold of an Express Script drug pricing contract and you’ll never guess what they found… or if you work in a pharmacy, you’ll definitely guess

This information likely won’t be too newsworthy if you’ve ever seen one of these contracts in the pharmacy business.  For the 3 years I ran a pharmacy, I saw a lot of these types of contracts and I’m very glad that more light is being cast on these practices.  Since I like to sprinkle in some pharmacy-specific content in these posts – this article was perfectly timed.




3. Think you’ll just work longer to fund your retirement?  What if you can’t?

Do you think you’ll need to work at least part time in retirement to make ends meet?  This article cites that nearly 80 percent of people expect to supplement their retirement income by working (i.e. working a job when they are 75 or 80).  The real question should be – what if you can’t work anymore (due to illness or another reason)?





4. Freakonomics podcast about Index Funds, featuring Mr. John Bogle

This is a re-published, but still great Freakonomics podcast about Index investing.  Investing in simple, passively-managed index funds is the only way to invest for the majority of people and this podcast does a good job explaining why in a very understandable way.

If you haven’t listened to it yet – or don’t fully understand why passively investing is superior to “trying to beat the market” you should definitely listen to this.




5.  Want to read about pricing power, bundling and building a brand?

I love Tren Griffin’s website and read it every week.  This is one of my favorite posts of his (although I’m a sucker for nearly anything related to the music business – since my secret dream was/is to be a manager for a rock band).  Tren talks about his thoughts on pricing power, bundling, and brand-building using Sammy Hagar’s success as a backdrop.  It’s great.



That’s it for this week.  Did you run across an interesting link?  Do you find this type of content valuable?  Post below or feel free to email it to me.  I read every comment and email I receive.


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