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Why have a cash management plan? AKA a budget?!? So you don’t get job-locked!

UPDATE:  If you want to see my proposed CMP for a new graduate.  Check out this post.    Why establish a Cash Management Plan (CMP)?   One word – Optionality   This term likely derived from the investment security named …

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Where to save my retirement money?!?

If you read my last post (thanks for reading!) – I talked about how much a pharmacist should save for retirement. For today’s post I’m going to assume that you are currently saving (or wanting to save) 15-20% of your …

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Trapped in debt while making $100,000 per year?

First one! Welcome to the inaugural post on my blog.  I thought this first post should really just be short and describe what my goal is here on pharmvest.   Too many pharmacists move through life without really choosing their path.  …