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Mission of Pharmvest


Increase people’s optionality by improving their financial health.  Financially healthy people work in careers they love, have more choice, and are a positive influence on their community, workplace, and life.


So, who I am !?!?

Jason Brouillard
Please picture a little neon accountant’s visor for the full effect
  • Critical Care Pharmacist at a large hospital in Washington State


  • Have always loved personal finance
    • I’ve always wanted to be an accountant, but I accidentally became a pharmacist!


  • Realized I got burned by a Whole Life Insurance salesman and immediately took a larger interest in my finances and absorbing all content I could find


  • Took at look at my personal Balance Sheet a few years out of school and realized I had a NEGATIVE NET WORTH
    • After 3-4 years of making >$100,000 per year !!!!


  • Got bored one day and decided to get a Master in Business Administration from my local University (completed in 2012!)


  • Got a wild hair and worked for a software company for a year (but came back to hospital pharmacy)


  • Started a personal finance class at my local College of Pharmacy around 2015 and this website in 2018


Email: pharmvest  [at symbol]  pharmvest [dot] com

Twitter: twitter.com/Pharmvest